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What's the deal with our Mushroom Elixir?

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"Mushrooms and fungi are taking over"

"A symbol of longevity"

"Take us to fungi town"

"The healing power of mushrooms"

"Mushroom hot cocoa is now a thing"

Mushroom Elixir Benfits For Everyone

Contains Six Equal Parts of Premium Mushroom Blend


Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory


Vitality and Stress Support


Ultimate Immune Defence


Energy and Endurance


Focus and Cognitive Support


Antioxidant Power

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Give it a try! I've tried mushroom supplements before and found them very effective. Not only is this the best I've tried, it is the easiest to take and best tasting.

Alan Y
Verified buyer, Aus

I wasn't sure if I would see any results when I ordered this but both me and my partner have seen a big difference in mental clarity and focus. I was skeptical about how it was going to taste but it actually adds more richness to the coffee that makes it that much better, will definitely be buying more and have already recommended it to family and friends!

Julian E
Verified buyer, NZ

Amazing stuff. I love this product, I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine but still need a energy boost during the day which the mushroom elixir provides. The best part is is doesn't interfere with my sleep later on

Christina W
Verified buyer, NZ

Magic. That's how I would describe the mushroom elixar, no afternoon slump energy levels so much better ,over all feeling of well being. Will definitely be reordering. Thankyou.

Joanne M
Verified buyer, NZ

I was looking for a morning coffee alternative, and this elixir is perfect! I mix with some organic cacao powder and hot water - yum! This doesn't taste like mushrooms, so you can add to any hot drink and reap the physical, mental and emotional benefit of this superb mix of mushrooms.

Melanie T
Verified buyer, NZ

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100% Wholefood Source

100% Wholefood Source

All Natural Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients





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Got Questions? Let's Answer Them

If you struggle with brain fog, lack of energy, or get sick often then it's a big YES from us. Even if you feel good but want to feel great every day then this will help take it to the next level

Simply mix Β½ teaspoon with your preferred method be it water, milk, coffee, tea, smoothies, or even into your cooking. Our preferred method is taking half a teaspoon mixed with frothy nut milk, and if were feeling a bit naughty, a dash of honey.

Similar to coffee with a rich earthy goodness. Some days we add it to coffee without the negative side effects of coffee, but most days we have it pure with hot nut milk to get the day started.

Yes you can, the average serving size being Β½ teaspoon is for an average sized individual. We treat it like coffee and might have it more than once a day. Typically 30 days of taking our Elixir daily will allow you to notice a big difference mentally and physically. A lot of our customers feel a difference even just days after daily use.

There is no caffeine at all, our functional mushrooms will help you keep focused without the negative side effects of caffeine. Our elixir only contains mushrooms and nothing else.

We're not doctors and we don't pretend to be. Consult your physician before making any changes to your diet duringΒ pregnancy, nursing, or to your kids diets.

Your Happiness, Guaranteed

Your happiness is our guarantee, even if you've finished your first order and you're unhappy for whatever reason, get in touch and we'll work to make things right.

We believe when it comes to trying new products that it should be as risk free as possible so you can finally start exploring how our mushroom elixir can be apart of your daily routine.