About Us

Black Gold was started by a couple of Kiwis in little old New Zealand as a way to share the amazing health benefits of these special mushrooms with the world in a way that was as easy as having your morning cup of coffee, but with way better benefits to your overall wellbeing.


How it all began...

My partner and I were looking for ways to boost out immune systems as we were always feeling run down from our busy day to day lives. We discovered Chaga tea and were soon introduced to nature’s world of medicinal mushrooms, only to realise my mum had been making me traditional soups and cooking with these mushrooms since I was a kid (which I didn’t enjoy, because ew mushrooms!) Since I moved out of home I wasn’t getting my weekly dose of nutritious herbal soups and wasn’t feeling as good as I could.

We found we were replacing our morning coffee fix that was already a part of our daily routine with a Chaga tea. The difference was drastic, both mentally & physically, so we knew we would never go a day without our beloved mushrooms, and eventually BlackGold was born.


What’s up with the name Black Gold?

We had to bring it back to where it all began on our super powered mushroom discovery journey- Chaga! Known as the King of the fungi family, this fun-guy has the appearance of black charcoal on the outside, but is orange on the inside. It was literally like discovering gold for us because of the health benefits we felt. We started jokingly calling our new morning brew ‘Black Gold latte’ and it kind of just stuck.

Whether you decide to call it Black Gold, Mushroom Elixir Latte, or a miracle like some of our customers, the important thing for us is that you can now feel great everyday with ease with a small change in your routine. Heck we can’t fault you if you still want to drink your coffee, all we ask is add a serving of our Black Gold Mushroom Elixir and we can promise you’ll feel a whole lot better for it and if you decide to swap it out for your coffee altogether we wouldn’t be mad and we’d welcome you to join the mushroom party.

Please support us as a wholly owned and operated Kiwi business and to bring Mushrooms into our community!

Wishing you the best,