Proposition 65 Warning

Our Statement

California's Proposition 65 calls for businesses to disclose the presence of specific chemicals in their products that may pose health risks to consumers. The objective is to keep consumers informed, not to restrict the sale of such products. Instead, it focuses on the necessity of clear warnings.

At BlackGold Elixir, we are dedicated to fostering trust and enduring relationships with our customers by ensuring they receive precise and pertinent information.

This disclosure serves as a demonstration of our commitment to adhering to regulatory guidelines and enabling our customers to make knowledgeable decisions, rather than implying that our products are hazardous or prohibited.


WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

What is this warning?

Proposition 65, often referred to as Prop 65, is a California-specific law that requires businesses to disclose the presence of certain chemicals in their products, which have been linked to cancer or reproductive harm. These warnings can be found not only on a variety of consumer products but also in establishments such as restaurants and supermarkets across the state. It is crucial to highlight that Prop 65 is unique to California, and no other state has comparable regulations.

The warning label that mentions both the risk of cancer and potential harm to reproductive health is utilized when a product contains a Prop 65 chemical in trace amounts. This indicates that the State of California has determined that the substance has the potential to cause cancer or is a reproductive toxicant. By including this warning, businesses are meeting their legal responsibility to inform consumers about the potential hazards associated with their products.

Should I be worried?

Proposition 65 encompasses a wide-ranging list of over 800 chemicals, which regularly expands to include both infrequent substances and common chemicals found in daily life. These common chemicals extend to retinol (vitamin A), alcoholic beverages, marijuana smoke, pesticides, and heavy metals, with lead being a frequently encountered Prop 65 chemical in our surroundings. Lead often appears in food and drinks as a naturally occurring substance. It's crucial to highlight that our products adhere to all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, ensuring safety and compliance.

Why don’t some similar products have the same warning?

The absence of a Proposition 65 warning on a product doesn't necessarily imply the product is free from the mentioned substances. Various factors could contribute to this situation, such as the company's size not mandating the warning issuance. Additionally, some businesses might choose to take the risk due to the inconsistent enforcement of Proposition 65. Therefore, it's essential to consider that even products without warnings might still contain these substances.