Blackgold Glass Jar
Blackgold Glass Jar
Blackgold Glass Jar
Blackgold Glass Jar
Blackgold Glass Jar
Blackgold Glass Jar
Blackgold Glass Jar
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Blackgold Glass Jar

Enjoy the superior protection and quality that Miron Ultra Violet glass provides with our Blackgold Glass Jars which can store 60g-100g of extract powders.

Printed with our sleek Blackgold branding in gold makes elegant storing look effortless. Helping you gravitate towards this and a better you daily, whether on your countertop or to take with you on the go!

We hope you love these high-quality jars as much as we do, grab one or more to store the whole Blackgold collection today.

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Miron Ultra Violet glass is an advanced type of glass with a unique structure that ensures the highest quality and superior protection for products stored in it. It is the best way to store and package mushroom elixirs, extracts and herbs as it helps preserve the potency, taste, and energetics of the products over a significant time period.
  • With our Blackgold jar storage solution, you can enjoy a variety of advantages:
    • 200g size, great for traveling on the go
    • Guarantees the potency, taste and energetics of herbs
    • Ensures a longer shelf life for your products
    • Can be used for other storage and decorative purposes
    • Enjoy the superior protection and quality offered by Miron Ultra Violet glass


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Blackgold Glass Jar

$14.00 NZD

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Lab Tested

All Natural Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients



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Our Mushroom Elixir is the everyday pick me up

It's perfect for:

Your Morning Brew

Drinking With Friends

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Me and my partner have had one every night for the past 3 months. We love the taste, I like it plain with the bitter undertones and my partner likes to add honey for touch of sweetness. We have found our bodies act differently to heavy foods such a breads and pasta, we used to feel bloated and heavy after, now we see little effects. We feel more energized and focused with our mushroom drink!

Auckland, NZ

I wasn't sure if I would see any results when I ordered this but both me and my partner have seen a big difference in mental clarity and focus. I was skeptical about how it was going to taste but it actually adds more richness to the coffee that makes it that much better, will definitely be buying more and have already recommended it to family and friends!

Hawkes Bay, NZ